President Message

Mrs. Shashikala E R President

Smt. Shashikala E.R. is one of our rare statesmen that Karnataka has seen. She has founded so many such useful ventures to the public. It was her dream to begin an institution which should give the best education for those people who are taking their children out of Karnataka in search of a good institution. The dream of Smt.Shashikala E.R. has now turned into a reality after the initiation of Shashi Education Trust, which is constituted by professionals, educationists, administrators, Academicians and technocrats. The trust established Lalitha International Public School, in Lokikere Main Road, Davangere in the year 2011.

LIRSis a place of joyful co existence. The mutual faith among the teachers and the students has manifested in producing men and women of character. Great care has been taken to see that children enjoy a stress free learning atmosphere and the entire focus is on children to train them as responsibilities and global citizens. To argument the effective learning process besides academic, facilities such as mathematic lab, thinker’s forum, and workshops on writing poetries, speeches and theatre in school are regularly arranged. Yoga such as cricket, volley ball etc strengthen the mind and body of our children. Regular spiritual addresses along with the value based education elevate the spiritual aspect underlining the teaching of our Gurudev. "Truth is one but paths are many". With the guidance and support of our secretary Dr. Sri Ravi raja, we are marching towards fulfilling the expectations of parents and society by creating global leaders.

Our endeavour has always been to train our children towards human excellence through four pillars-" dedication, discipline, determination and devotion" combined with easeful body, peaceful mind and a useful life as taught by our guru YogiramMaharaj is practiced in mind and spirit, making the school a temple of learning.

Here, at the LIRS, it is our mission to further these goals. We seek to educate and support parents and teachers in how they can create a truly safe environment and teach children the skills and knowledge they need to become successful in school and in life. Our work with educators, parents after school workers and mental health professional. We continue to focus on.

  • Promoting children’s social, emotional, civic and academic skills and dispositions
  • Creating safe, caring, participating and responsive schools and humans

Finally, we trust we send into the world a well rounded personality, compassionate and sensitive, imbued with a strong sense of self-worth, and confident to take on life’s challenges as we traverses the long and interested road ahead.